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"If someone forces you to go one mile, go two miles." (in other words, "Do whatever is expected of you...AND THEN SOME") - Jesus in Matthew 5:41

About us

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Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites is an award-winning national and international television series. SOA is currently entering into its 21st Season on the air, and is one of the highest rated and most widely watched outdoor shows in the US.

It is also popular in Russia and Ukraine, and airs across Canada and other countries outside of the United States. More than just a hunting show, Dr. Sites loves to incorporate famous people who are willing to share their faith journey, as well as historical stories from the regions where they are filming.

He and his crew film all across the world, bringing home adventures from the remotest areas, including the middle of the Amazon Jungle.
Spiritual Outdoor Adventures is also one of the first outdoor shows to weave in animation in many episodes through the popular cartoon segment Kids Korner Outdoors with Jimmy Sites. It’s a must-watch for the entire family!


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God has blessed us with such an amazing team! Click on the names to read a short bio.

Jimmy Sites

Jimmy's inspiration to start Spiritual Outdoor Adventures was fulfilled in 2002, when the first episode aired. Over the years, there have been hundreds of adventures, celebrations, and so much growth. 

We now see him as our fearless leader who never stops working, always has great ideas, brings joy to the office, leads the staff prayerfully, and loves to share funny stories and terrible dad jokes. Be sure to keep up with Spiritual Outdoor Adventures to see what Jimmy may be up to next!

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 April Mangrum
As our wearer of many hats, April is far more than just a jack of all trades. Her education combined with her work and life experiences have helped her to master so many skills that are essential to our operation. From managing business affairs, to cataloging ancient artifacts, or repairing Jimmy's field gear, April has it covered.

Prior to joining Second Mile, April was the Executive Director for the 5th largest public library system in Tennessee. She was well respected for her positive management style and her ability to be an efficient steward of a multi-million dollar budget. At a young age, April developed a love of nature and kayaking through her adventures Scouting.
 Amanda Sites
Artist/Chef/Lodge Mother

Amanda has been Jimmy's support system and loving wife since 1984. In the world of SOA, she wears many hats. You can find her behind the scenes recording voiceovers, hosting guests with her southern hospitality, and painting animations for the shows from suns to Sasquatches. 

You can also find her in front of the camera where she co-hosts shows, shares her recipes, and goes on adventurous hunts. We're thankful to have a great cheerleader and Jill of all trades on our team!
 Don Belles
Don has been bowhunting for 55 years and filming for Spiritual Outdoor Adventures for nearly 20 years.  Jimmy refers to Don as his veteran cameraman.

He has retired several times, but still comes out on occasion to shoot for Jimmy, especially on bowhunts.  Don has been known to tap Jimmy on the head with an arrow to express his displeasure when Jimmy mentions "gun hunts".
 Kevin Shamblin
Kevin met Jimmy in 2010 at a fundraiser and thought it would be fun to edit for Spiritual Outdoor Adventures one day. In 2018, he started working in the office as our editor. He and his wonderful wife Kelly live on their farm with chickens, a couple cats, and a German Shepherd. 

They also own a vibrant lavender business. On the weekends, you can catch him at farmers markets, trout fishing, or searching for Big Foot, aka Folk Monster, Wild Man, etc.
 Christin Sites
It’s no surprise after being raised in the Sites household that Christin found a passion for adventure and video. She pursued her passion for video by graduating from film school and has since been able to shoot numerous episodes of SOA.

Throughout her years she has been able to build up a very high tolerance for terrible dad jokes.
 Stephanie Kim

Our Principles

We believe we are called by God to:

  • Pray (Ephesians 6:18)
  • Glorify God with every thought, word, and action (Philippians 4:8)
  • Hold our ministry to a high-level of integrity within all business practices (Proverbs 11:3)
  • Attract and activate men to step up to the front line in God's army and live for a cause greater than themselves (Luke 5:1-11)
  • Uphold the God-designed family unit (Ephesians 5:22-6:4)
  • Teach the conservation of God's creation by encouraging and supporting the outdoor lifestyle (Genesis 9:1-5)
  • Edify Christians and evangelize non-Christians through our outdoors ministry (Galatians 6:9-10)
  • Teach children ethics, safety, and how to live boldly for God (Proverbs 22:6)
  • Serve the poor and disadvantaged (Jeremiah 22:15-16)
  • Strive for excellence that reflects God's design in all developed resources (Colossians 3:23-24)
  • Be authentic (Philippians 2:3-4)

Our Ministry

Teaching God's Word:
Speaking Tour
Jimmy Sites has preached the Gospel live to over 250,000 people over the last few years at convention centers, churches, wild game suppers and outdoor expos. Several thousand people, mainly men, gave their lives over to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at these events. Many other recommitted their lives to God. Also, many disadvantaged Third World children were sponsored through Compassion International.
Serving Others:
Partnership with Compassion International
Jimmy's partnership with Compassion International has enabled over 3,000 disadvantaged children in 26 Third World countries to be sponsered in Compassion's child developement program and as a result break the poverty cycle for them and their families. If you are interested in finding out more information about sponsoring a child, please give us a call at 615-338-0234.
Bibles Donated
Amazing Adventures
Classes Taught
Revived Christ

Our History

Spiritual Outdoor Adventures is, and always will be, about teaching and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. To achieve this, we endeavor to help others grow in Christian faith through exploring the love of the outdoors and the wonder of God's creation. 

In 2016, Jimmy gave Christian Sportsman magazine an interview where he shares his journey of launching Spiritual Outdoor Adventures (SOA) and how a Christian sportsman's faith and vision can impact the outdoor community. Of all of the interviews that Jimmy has granted, this is the most comprehensive regarding our history.

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