Book of Romans

  • Number of students: 1
  • Teacher: Jimmy Sites
  • Released: 04/23/2019
  • Requirements: Desire to Understand God Deeper
  • Duration:
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Table of Contents

Getting started
Setting the Stage
Going a Little Deeper


Welcome to an incredible journey! Traveling through the streets of ancient Rome and taking pilgrimages to the countryside of this amazing empire is going to open up a whole new world to you. Romans is not only an interesting historical study, it is also an important theological study. Romans is considered by many as the “cathedral of the Christian faith.” It is the most complete book theologically in the Bible regarding man’s eternal salvation. It has been said that if you get Romans, God will get you. Join Dr. Jimmy Sites as he leads you on an amazing 9-session adventure through this incredible book. You are encouraged to get the STUDY GUIDE that goes along with this study. 


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Jimmy Sites

Jimmy is a seasoned veteran as a speaker, and even served for several years as the Senior Minister at one of the largest churches in Nashville, Tennessee. 

His speaking engagements have taken him all over the world to such places as Africa, Mexico, Canada, South and Central America, Grenada, the Caribbean islands, Scotland, Israel, Egypt, and the Ukraine. 

His speaking clientele includes professional football teams such as the Denver Broncos as well as professional baseball teams, Fortune 500 companies, private and public schools, universities, government agencies, the Senate, churches, numerous youth festivals, and outdoor conventions and wild game suppers.

Jimmy has served as a spokesperson since 1991 for Compassion International, a non-profit child development organization that cares for over one million disadvantaged children in Third World countries. Periodically he visits children at Compassion projects in various places around the world. 

Jimmy is also heavily involved in television. He has been highlighted on prime time British television on episode 5 of the series "The Apostles," produced by well-known British director Simone Cherry. He also hosted the national religious talk show Campaign America from 1992-94, airing on 2,200 stations nationwide. 

After a sabbatical in the mountains, he came back to serve as scriptwriter and host for the Amazing Grace Bible Class television program from 1998-2000, often incorporating guests ranging from astronauts to professional football players, as well as inspirational people such as Joni Erikson Tada. See more by clicking here.

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What you need to begin:

  • A willingness to learn
  • An open heart to receive whatever the Lord lays upon it.
  • A desire to want to find God's truth in all things.


Getting started
Setting the Stage
Going a Little Deeper

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