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What is Truth?

During my devotional time this morning over a cup of coffee, I was thinking about how the concept of truth has changed so much in my lifetime. Truth is now defined by whatever a person thinks in his or her own mind. Truth is now based on relevance to the modern society in which we live. Yet that is false. Truth is not based on how strongly a person feels about something. One can believe passionately in what he thinks is true, even to the point of giving his own life for that belief, and still be wrong. Just consider the man who recently shot people at a Planned Parenthood clinic. Motivated by the fact that abortion is murder, he was convinced that the right thing to do about it was to shoot the ones administering abortions. Wrong! Other examples include the Islamic terrorists, Nazis during World War II, and even the mainstream media in the United States that is strongly promoting that homosexuality is not a moral issue and is to be accepted as a normal behavior. Just because the majority of people, or what appears to be the majority of people, says that something is truth, does not make it truth. If something is wrong it cannot be right, and if something is right it cannot be wrong, no matter what anyone says about it.

So how do we navigate through these crazy times as God-followers when people look at us and summarize that we are judgmental, bigoted, arrogant haters (which truthfully we are not)?

First, we do not give in to popular opinion.

Second, we strengthen our heart and mind by spending more time in God’s word and in prayer talking with our heavenly Father.

Third, we love our way through and refuse to stoop to the level where the true judgmental haters are hanging out.

Fourth, we realize that we are not citizens of earth trying to make it to heaven, but that we are citizens of heaven just making it through this earth.

Our struggles are temporary, and better things await. THAT IT TRUTH!

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