"If someone forces you to go one mile, go two miles." (in other words, "Do whatever is expected of you...AND THEN SOME") - Jesus in Matthew 5:41

My Thoughts on the Brussels Attack

Between 7 and 8 am UK time today over 30 people came to the end of their walk on this earth when bombs activated by extremist Islamic terrorists exploded in the Brussels airport and the Maelbeek metro station. 198 more were injured, some losing legs or arms, some burned. Thousands more will now live with a phobic fear for the rest of their lives. This is a senseless tragedy, and I wish these heartless attacks would quit happening. Fact is, they have always happened since the time that man gave in to the Great Deceiver and sin came into the world. And I have news for you - they will continue to happen until Jesus comes back.

Immediate news accessibility via the internet has made the world a much smaller place. Things happen halfway across the world and we know about it almost in real time. Before the electronic age, it would take weeks or even months for such news to travel halfway around the world. But you and I are bombarded with bad news almost hourly on the amazing little electronic screens that we carry in our pockets. We think the world is becoming so much more evil than it has been in the past. This causes us to live with paranoia and fear. Then our brain kicks into defensive mode and creates a “safety zone” scenario – “I’m okay where I live. These attacks are in major cities such as Paris or London, or in this case Brussels. As long as I stay away from there, I’m okay.” Wrong. Just remember Oklahoma City, New York City, Washington DC, California, Columbine, etc. Think of mass killings that have taken place on US soil, places that you and I visit consistently - schools, restaurants, malls, movie theaters, gas stations, banquet halls, military bases, subways, buses, and even churches. You are not even safe in your car from road rage and drive by shootings. Even snipers take shots at passing motorists on freeways. Water supplies and over the counter medicines have been poisoned. Airplanes have been sabotaged. Need I go on? And if you are an unborn child in America you are definitely at risk of being killed. More unborn children will be murdered today than all of the victims in Brussels and Paris combined.


If you do not believe in life after death, you simply cannot have peace on this earth. It is that plain and simple. If all you see is Friedrich Nietzsche’s “black hole” at the end of life, then you are going to go through every day striving for ultimate satisfaction in the physical things of this earth, and you will pay great attention to staying alive as long as you can. The potential of terrorism in your vicinity will overwhelm your thoughts, and you will be robbed of much of your peace and joy. That is not a very satisfactory life.

If, on the other hand, you believe in life after death, and that the best is yet to come, you have something to live for that is greater than the pursuit of moment-by-moment earthly satisfaction. You can actually contain and keep a peace in your heart even in the midst of all the chaos and terror of this world. You can get up every morning and realize that it may be your last day on earth, but also realize that if such is the case, it is the day you have lived for from the moment that you gave your life in surrender to the One who gave his life for you – Jesus Christ. You have been given an amazing gift called grace, a gift that removes all of your sins. You have been adopted into the family of God, and you can call him “Abba” (dad). Your eternal salvation is secure, and you can lay your head on your pillow at night and be at peace, with the full assurance that the best is yet to come, and that in the next life there will be no terrorists trying to steal your joy. There the lion will lay down with the lamb. This should be our perspective toward all things on this earth on the good days and the bad.

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